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Shopping for jewelry is overwhelming… but when your content shimmers, you can show your shopper that they’ve finally found the missing piece to complete their fairytale. Your product description, just like your jewelry, is exclusive. When you use your content to charm your shopper, they’ll be happy to pay top dollar for the truly magical piece that touches their heart.

Use this easy, ten step checklist to curate product descriptions for jewelry with that eye-catching 3-carat shimmer:

  1. Get to know your target audience. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. Some customers will have no problem justifying a jewelry purchase of a couple hundred or thousand dollars, while others will never buy a piece of jewelry that valuable in their lifetime. Your product description, title, photos and other content do not have to convince the wrong person to make a purchase. The purpose of your content is to attract someone who has been looking for a piece just like yours; someone who already wants to buy it. Who could that be? What’s his/her name? How old is s/he? What’s their household income? What clothing brands and other jewelry companies do they adore? It’s okay to have multiple ideal buyer personas, and it’s perfectly fine to update them as you go along.

2.Get to know your competitors… and your partners. Sometimes these are one and the same. Anyone who loves jewelry will want to have pieces from different designers in their collection. So, this is not an industry in which you are fighting for the consumer’s budget… most of the time. The exception would be those once-in-a-lifetime purchases, like engagement and wedding rings. Even so… love happens! There is always going to be another consumer looking for the perfect ring, and for every couple, there is going to be that piece of jewelry that speaks to their heart. Do not be afraid to learn from other jewelry sellers, plus businesses in adjacent industries. Look at their content for inspiration, then add your own unique sparkle.

3. Get clever with keywords. Keyword research can help you shape your content in a way that speaks to your consumer in their own words. While your main focus will be writing with consumers in mind, incorporating keywords strategically will help them find you. It takes a touch of creativity to write product descriptions for jewelry that are both captivating and strategic.

4. Make a list of product specs. You should have a checklist of product specs that you’ll include in all of your jewelry product descriptions. This would generally include: measurements in metric and imperial formats, types of metal, whether the piece is safe for people with allergies, and whether it is suitable for everyday or formal wear.

5.Create a template…so you can break the mold. Decide how you’re going to arrange your product specs. That way, when someone is browsing, they will know where to find the length of the bracelet, number of carats, how to find out which metal it is, just by following a basic format in each of your product descriptions. A template is not for making boring, fill-in-the-blank product content, it’s for making sure that you do not forget anything, and that your content follows a predictable, easy to understand format. Leave room for creative, story-weaving copy that will entrance your shoppers.

6.Read reviews. If your store is new and you do not have many reviews yet, check out some reviews from your competitors. What are consumers loving about their favorite pieces? What are the common problems they experience when shopping online? For example, you might notice that people complain about necklace clasps that easily come undone. You could then reassure shoppers in your product content that your clasps secure with a satisfying, “click.”

7.Get an outside point of view. When you’re too familiar with your own products, it’s hard to notice their most defining features. A jewelry copywriter is familiar with many designers and can help you find out what makes your products stand out. You may not realize just what makes your pieces unique. Getting an outside point of view can help you discover your ideal buyers and help them find you.

8. Go beyond product specs.Once you’ve fulfilled the basic information, you can draw in your shopper by appealing to their emotions. How is their significant other going to feel when they receive the piece as a gift? Where did the gems come from? What inspired the design? Remember, you’re not selling metals and jewels, you’re selling love, confidence, beauty, devotion and romance.

9.Communicate effectively with buyers on each platform.The shopper who finds your jewelry on your website is vastly different than the one who uses Amazon to find you. Creating unique product descriptions for each platform allows you to customize your content to perform best with each search algorithm while charming your shopper in a way that matches their shopping style. For example, titles with extra keywords are the norm on eBay, but Amazon prefers a to-the-point title and prioritizes content in bullet points.

10.Fall in love with your jewelry again. When your content shines, you’re not really “selling” your pieces at all… you’re connecting each shopper with the piece that resonates with his/her desire. Remember, jewelry shoppers are looking for the piece that makes their heart sing. They don’t care about saving fifty bucks or getting free shipping. They’re looking for “the one,” and by making it easy for shoppers to find you, you’re helping them find their perfect match.

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